Executive Programs: Your Future Is Here!

Executive Online Learning (15 min classes, 100% flexible, at your own pace)

IIEC Executive Programs are flexible and practical mastery programs on future skills. Designed to get you on with your life and make no effort. Move forward at your own pace, in multimedia classes of 15 minutes each. Our learning methodology makes studying an Executive Program like a Netflix subscription. Each of our Career Paths is like a Netflix show, you can see as many chapters as you want. When you finish one, you can move to another. Or if you want, you can take several in parallel. You only need to get your Unlimited Exams subscription.

These online learning programs will enable you to master a subject in depth — ideal for growing your career and business. Learn with our leading international professional communities, and you will earn your IIEC Executive Program Certificate accredited by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers™ (IIEC).

How Global Executive Programs work


The IIEC Global Executive Programs are focused to get a full view of a discipline. In order to get this certificate you need to complete 10 courses and certifications:

  • Executive Program in [a Career Path] by completing 10 courses on that Career Path or related (e.g. project management).

How Advanced Executive Programs work


The IIEC Advanced Executive Program in [the Specialization you want to master] are the solution to become an expert in any subject. Example: IIEC Advanced Executive Program in Blockchain Projects. This is a final program assignment to write an Strategic Plan, defining the next 4-year projects and the roadmap for a company in the field of your specialization. You must define Strategic Principles, connect them with Strategic Objectives, and finally define your Strategic Lines of Action. For this final assignment, you will get the assistance and tuition from Angel Berniz.

Choose the Career Success Plan that better fits for you!

We have 3 options:

  • Accelerated Plan: You can complete your customized Executive Program in 90 Days!
  • Regular Plan: You can complete your Executive Program by taking one certification every month. So, in 10 months you will have earned your Executive Program certificate.
  • Self-directed Plan: You can complete your programs by taking separately each of the courses and certifications. Once you have completed 10 certifications, you will have earned your Executive Program.
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